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What This Book Is About

How to Read This Book

Why You Should Read This Book

What This Book Is About

    The Basics of Deep Prayer is a book that outlines meditation fundamentals that are rooted in Catholic mysticism. This "how to pray" book will take the shortest path to contemplation. In many cases, your current practices can be modified to meet the meditation basics that leads to contemplation.

How to Read This Book:

    This book can be read in either the abridged or unabridged methods. The abridged way bypasses all of the explanations of why we need to do certain things and cuts the book down to two short sections. The first section lists the basics we will need for deep prayer, and the second section is a step by step procedure for reaching an unimaginable mystical reality.

    If there are questions about following the procedure, they will be answered on the forum.

Why You Should Read This Book:

    This book can be challenging. Why read it? We can not find hapiness by always taking the easy way. This book shows you how to find what you have always been looking for.

    You have been chosen. God has a specific plan for your life that will make you very happy now and forever. If you are trying to hear God's call, this book was written for you.

    God does not hide the plan, but after we sin, we follow Adam's example of hiding from God. Hiding might seem safe, but safety is an illusion. We are all going to die; how safe is that? Death is not a punishment from God. Death is part of God's plan to overcome sin without violating the integrity of our identity. From our perspective, it might seem that God punishes us, but God is always trying to help us. God always has a plan for a brighter future. We need to believe that God is on our side, and we need to have hope because everything is in God's hands.

    The intent of this book is to state what is needed to find God and His Plan for your life. There are certain things, such as oxygen, we all need in our biological life, and our prayer life requires a few basics as well. The intent of this book is to list these basics and to write why each is needed.

    There are many ways to meet these basics, and there are a number of books with fabulous spiritual recipes that were written by holy people. As people practice these spiritual diets, however, some of the basics are almost always missing. When the basics are not met, the prayer life is much less than it should be.

    You don't have to read this book to find your calling. Thousands of people across many centuries have found their vocation, and this book wasn't written. On the other hand, most people who want to find their calling fail to find it because they don't explicitly understand what they need to do.

    It will probably take you quite some time (usually 5 to 15 years) to implement the book's message into your life, but after the basics are met, you will be on your way to a very rewarding life and afterlife.

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