Letter to Pope Francis

On Global Warming


"Greenhouse Gas" is an Oxymoron:

    "Greenhouse Gas" is an oxymoron. Greenhouses allow radiation and inhibit convection. Any gas that inhibits convection is by definition, not a gas.

Permittivity of Carbon is One:

    The permittivity of oxygen and nitrogen is exactly the same as that of carbon dioxide which makes it impossible for carbon dioxide to reflect light rays differently than the other two major atmospheric gases. So carbon dioxide can not cause an increase in temperature. The concept of "carbon load" is not science.

Water Vapor is Dominant:

    It is true that atmospheric gases average the temperature, but water vapor is almost all of that effect. Carbon Dioxide contributes about 3% to averaging and 95% of Carbon Dioxide is from plants. So a 50% reduction of man made Carbon Dioxide would not affect the average temperature.

    It would cause the temperature to have slightly less averaging. All living things benefit from temperature averaging. For example, wild swings in temperature are used to pasteurize milk.

Carbon Dioxide Tracks Temperature:

    Carbon dioxide tracks temperature (not vice-versa). More plants grow when it is warmer, and plants account for 95% of the carbon dioxide. Scientists have used that fact for decades to determine the temperature of the Earth thousands of years ago.

    You recently planted a tree to reduce carbon dioxide, but that tree will actually increase carbon dioxide. It pulls carbon from the earth while it is alive. As the tree rots, more carbon dioxide will be in the air from the rotting than the tree absorbed in photosynthesis.

    Read the Bible. God created the plants before animals. Plants require carbon dioxide. Where did they get it? Plants produce 95% of the carbon dioxide today. Animals need plants, but plants don't need animals.

The Earth is Rather Cool:

    The port cities that Saint Paul visited on his historic missionary journeys are no longer on the coast. They are usually about 20 miles inland. That's because we have a lot more sea ice than at the time of Christ.

Carbon Dioxide is Temporary:

    Scientist measure temperature of yesteryear by drilling the ice to record the amount of carbon dioxide in each age of the ice. In other words, carbon dioxide is used as a thermometer, because more plants grows when it is warmer.

    There is no way that carbon dioxide can be used as a thermometer if it doesn't go from the air back to the soil in less than 20 years on the average. What good is thermometer that only goes up?

    The carbon dioxide that is with us today will be in the dirt in a few years.

It Is Mathematically Impossible:

    You advocate that carbon dioxide is both a thermometer and a heater which means that it has to have positive feedback and the associated hysteresis, but the temperatures don't show any.

    For example, in the northern hemisphere, the coldest month is in the dead of winter, January. You mathematically advocate that the hysteresis causes the March to be the coldest, but it is not. You need to admit it.

    The same thing happens at the end of summer. July is the hottest month, whereas you advocate that it is September.

    These facts are mathematical proof that carbon dioxide is not a thermometer and a heater. The data clearly indicates that an external heat source, the sun, heats the earth. Who knew?

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