Letter to Pope Francis

On Global Warming


Don't Harm the Poor:

    Without question, the movement to limit Carbon Dioxide is an attack on the poor which, of course, is not something the Christian Church should support. If you don't see it that way, you need to read this letter.

"Greenhouse Gas" is an Oxymoron:

    "Greenhouse Gas" is an oxymoron. Greenhouses allow radiation and inhibit convection. Any gas that inhibits convection is by definition, not a gas.

    It is true that atmospheric gases average the temperature, but water vapor is almost all of that effect. Carbon Dioxide contributes about 3% to averaging and 95% of Carbon Dioxide is from plants. So a 50% reduction of Carbon Dioxide would only affect the temperature a fraction of a degree for a few hours.

    If that is not enough, all living things benefit from temperature averaging. For example, wild swings in temperature are used to pasteurize milk. If you want to kill something, wild termperature swings are pretty effective.

Carbon Dioxide Tracks Temperature:

    CO2 tracks temperature (not vice-versa). More plants grow when it is warmer, and plants account for 95% of the Carbon Dioxide. Scientists have used that fact for decades to determine the temperature of the Earth thousands of years ago. You don't want to be against science, do you?

The Earth is Rather Cool:

    The port cities that Saint Paul visited on his historic missionary journeys are no longer on the coast. They are usually about 20 miles inland. That's because we have a lot more sea ice than at the time of Christ. We have only tracked sea ice for a few decades, but we set a record for sea ice a few days ago. Others have said that 2014 was the hottest year ever. Are you going to believe them or the ice?

Global Warming is Class Warfare:

    We could go on and on, but by now, any rational person would be convinced that global warming from "greenhouse gas" is not scientific and completely silly. So why does something that is utterly discredited remain in the public discussion? It is because the rich want to use it to starve out the poor.

    If you were paying attention, almost all carbon dioxide is from plants. Any reduction in carbon dioxide will create food shortages and higher prices.

    While some elite families have a combined net worth of more than a trillion US dollars, they are still worried about their future with so many humans on the planet. What better way to reduce the population than by starving the marginalized poor? A reduction in Carbon Dioxide would push these vulnerable people over the edge. An attack on carbon dioxide reduces the amount of plant production. What are the poor going to eat?

    The food prices across the USA are already higher because of these nonsensical carbon taxes, and the elite are only beginning.

    I am praying that you will stand with the poor (against the elite and their carbon reduction plans) in your encyclical on global warming. If you don't, neither Jesus nor Francis will be pleased.

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