About Us


    Restoration People is an organization that attempts to restore the relationship that God had with man before our parents ate the apple. Yes, we know that Jesus says that this won't happen before the final judgement, but that shouldn't keep us from trying.

    Restoration People was founded by Dean Thomas. Dean has practiced the principles of The Basics of Deep Prayer for 30 years for at least an hour each day. In addition, he has read about 200 books on the subject. He has been Catholic all his life. He is an engineer who has a wife and 5 teenagers.

    For us, The Basics of Deep Prayer is more of a way of life than philosophical platitudes. We are not exaggerating when we say that we have very profound experiences with prayer every day. We believe that everyone else can as well, if they would follow the principles in the book. The priniciples are not easy. Those who follow through with these principles will be glad that they did.

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